16.00 EUR

Package Description


Discord Bot that Backups a Discord Server, what does it backup?:

  • Server icon
  • Server banner
  • Server region
  • Server splash
  • Server verification level
  • Server explicit content filter
  • Server default message notifications
  • Server embed channel
  • Server bans (with reasons)
  • Server emojis
  • Server banlist
  • Server settings
  • Server AFK (channel and timeout)
  • Server channels (with permissions, type, nsfw, messages, etc...)
  • Server roles (with permissions, color, etc...)
  • Saves file(.json)
  • Create backup command
  • Remove backup command
  • Info about the backup command
  • Upload one of the created backups command
  • Auto creating backup every x minute (Beta feature)

What does the bot not backup?:

  • Server audit log (due unique)
  • Server invite urls (due unique)
  • Server vanity url

- Easy configuration

- Discord Bot

- No watermarks

- No logos from us

- You'll always get future updates on my Discord


Discord Server: Link